Automation is a game changer

by Schaerer Marketing Team
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Coffee machine hygiene

Automation is a game changer

Select program and start. Cleaning professional coffee machines has become easier over the years thanks to the advancement of automatic cleaning programmes and the advent of digital technologies. What has stayed the same: The service staff has to take the time to start the programme and assist in the process. In the hectic daily routine of the catering industry, this can be a challenge that is almost impossible to overcome, and in the worst cases, means the machines are cleaned less often than necessary. “However, cleaning is of extreme importance for compliance with the hygiene requirements for handling food”, explains Schaerer product manager Felipe Quintans. As part of the development team for the new Schaerer ProCare cleaning system, he has been heavily involved with this subject for the past few years.

Raising staff awareness of cleaning

When it comes to hygiene in food handling, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) concept plays an important role. The monitoring system was developed to make it easier for catering businesses to take measures for proper hygiene. The focus is on food storage, preparation and service. General hygiene is ensured by a cleaning schedule that also includes professional coffee machines. “That’s why the goal for us as coffee machine manufacturers has to be to make the cleaning process as simple, safe and efficient as possible”, says Quintans. He gives the industry credit for successes here, since innovations in technology now ensure that machines are easy to clean while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. ”This development is an important building block that helps catering businesses overcome the challenges of cleaning and serve first-class coffee. However, since the service staff is still partly responsible for compliance with the schedules, they have to be made aware of the issues and be properly trained. But above all, they have to relieved of much of the work”, Quintans emphasises. He knows from practice and many interactions customers that this is the biggest challenge for businesses, especially now that staff is scarce everywhere and turnover is high.


The higher the level of automation, the higher the level of hygiene

The legal requirements mainly have to do with preventing possible health risks that can be caused by poor hygiene. “With coffee machines, this can happen when bacteria or mould form, for instance. If the cleaning instructions of the manufacturers are followed, this is easily avoided, and the legal requirements are fulfilled at the same time”, Quintans notes. Still, mineral deposits can accumulate over time. Although this does not pose a health risk, it has a negative impact on the quality of the coffee and milk. In the worst case scenario, this can even lead to system blockage and then to machine failure. In order to maintain a high level of hygiene, coffee quality and a long machine service life, Schaerer went one step further with the development of the new Schaerer ProCare milk system. “We wanted to develop a concept that ensures up to 100% cleaning of the machine, including the milk system, and does as much of the work as possible for the staff. With the Schaerer ProCare, we have succeeded in doing just that”. The add-on module stocks cleaning products for cleaning the coffee and milk system and performs this process automatically for up to three months. This ensures maximum hygiene with minimal involvement of the staff.


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