by Schaerer Marketing Team
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The “Pâtiss-ian” in Seoul uses the Schaerer Barista

French desserts and international coffee specialities – in the middle of Korea

In the alleyways of the metropolis of Seoul, there are restaurants, bars and cafés to suit every taste. Among them is the “Pâtiss-ian”, a small French-style pâtisserie. In addition to delicious cake and desserts, coffee also plays a central role in the concept of this elegant café. The operator focuses on specialities from all over the world — you can order a classic espresso at the “Pâtiss-ian” as well as an American coffee breve or different cold coffee beverages. These are prepared using professional Swiss equipment, namely a Schaerer Barista. The automated portafilter machine guarantees consistently high coffee quality even without much prior training, and its design and handling make for an authentic café flair.

For lovers of sweet treats and coffee creations, the “Pâtiss-ian” has been the place to go in the South Korean capital Seoul since August 2020. South of the Hangan River, in the middle of the famous Gangnam district, this small café serves the finest French desserts in a cosy atmosphere. As the founder himself worked as a pâtissier in France for many years, the cakes and other sweets are prepared with expert craftsmanship and are extremely tasty as well as visually appealing. Special emphasis is placed on primarily using food from Korea. Only ingredients that have no national equivalent, such as vanilla, are imported. In this sense, the “Pâtiss-ian” puts the best possible taste and authentic preparation of the delicacies first.


Consistent quality and pleasant ambience

Authenticity is also the key word when it comes to the coffee concept in the café. Having previously familiarised himself with different types of coffee machines, the operator of the “Pâtiss-ian” heard about the Schaerer Barista three-quart automatic portafilter machine through Schaerer’s sales and service partner “Doing International”. This machine meets the highest standards of coffee quality and, thanks to its simple operation, can live up to them even without trained baristas. After a short briefing, which was also run by “Doing International”, the employees were already very familiar with the machine. Preparation with a portafilter and the elegant design of the machine also create an inviting café ambience as you might know from Italy, for example. This makes it the perfect complement to the lovingly-furnished pâtisserie.

Coffee specialities from around the world

Using the Schaerer Barista, the team at “Pâtiss-ian” prepares a small but fine selection of international coffee specialities. The menu includes classics such as espressos and americanos, current favourites such as flat whites or more unusual creations such as macadamia breves. This coffee beverage, which originated in the USA, is prepared with a mixture of frothed milk and cream (half and half) along with macadamia syrup. To balance out the sweetness of the desserts, the café uses different beans from Guatemala, Colombia, Nicaragua and Indonesia, which are characterised by intense roasted aromas and pleasant acidity. Something unique to Korean coffee culture is that all beverages are also available chilled. So it is not surprising that the “Pâtiss-ian” prepares almost twice as many cups per day in summer as in winter. The cold versions of the coffee breve beverages are especially popular at this time, and contribute to the excellent reputation of the pâtisserie.