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by Schaerer Marketing Team
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The easy way to find you perfect match:

Configure your Schaerer Coffee Soul online and find your Soulmate!

The requirements for a professional coffee machine are as varied as how it can be used: For hotel breakfasts, fast and user-friendly preparation of speciality coffees with low servicing requirements are often top priority. The same applies to coffee in offices. A coffee shop or restaurant, on the other hand, often focuses on a varied menu of hot beverages and has the coffee creations prepared by service staff. And in convenience stores or in petrol stations, you may well find a combination of both.

Mix & Match with a concept

Designed for flexibility and individuality, the Schaerer Coffee Soul with its “Select” concept gives you the freedom to configure the machine to your specific business model like no other machine can! You can combine the numerous technical and optical options with the mix & match principle. For instance, the machine can be equipped with up to three grinders, the Flavour Point syrup station, our “Hot & Cold” technology as well as a second and third boiler for even more power. Operation with the 2nd screen technology, where a smartphone guides beverage preparation, and the automatic discharge height adjustment are also interesting equipment options for more convenience and greater hygiene in self-service areas. Various design colours and lighting elements are available regardless of the technical configuration. 


Use the online configuration to create your Schaerer Coffee Soul

To introduce you to the wide range of configuration options of the Schaerer Coffee Soul with the “Select” concept in a way that is both informative and entertaining, we have launched a microsite with the motto “Schaerer Coffee Soul Love Stories - How I Met My Soulmate”. At, dive into the world of this unique machine concept and find out which Schaerer Coffee Soul best fits you and your business concept. Our Coffee Soul” configurator  is a big help in putting together your machine on a playful level. Or you can play around and discover what your “perfect match”, your Soulmate, looks like. You can also upload a photo of your location and see right away what the Schaerer Coffee Soul looks would look like at your site. We have also put together some interesting facts about the coffee machine in the form of short videos. 


Two models, three operating modes

To help you get started, we offer the Schaerer Coffee Soul with the “Select” concept in two model variants: The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 with 10.4-inch touch display is particularly impressive when operated by staff. The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 with 12.1-inch video touch display, on the other hand, scores points for self-service operation by guests. In addition, we have developed three operating modes that perfectly cover the requirements of the most common application scenarios: “Self-service”, “operation by service staff” and “office”. The “guest mode” makes self-service child’s play. To prepare their coffee specialities, guests swipe through the menu like with their smartphones and compose their beverages in an intuitive manner. The “favourite mode”, ideal for office spaces, also offers a range of short commands for quickly preparing your favourite coffee. If the Schaerer Coffee Soul is operated by service staff, the “staff mode” ensures that beverages are prepared quickly and reliably.