Schaerer Coffee Soul Select

by Schaerer Marketing Team
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Schaerer Coffee Soul Select

Why the “Select” concept makes the new Schaerer Coffee Soul so unique.

It’s no secret: The desire for individualisation is growing. And this is as true for the look and equipment of a coffee machine as it is for personal self-realisation. The "Select" concept of the new Schaerer Coffee Soul offers you almost unlimited freedom to configure the machine according to your wishes. The interplay between design elements, technical features and variable operating scenarios results in a Schaerer Coffee Soul that is as unique as your catering concept!

Just like a chameleon: The new Schaerer Coffee Soul with the “Select” concept

The "Select" concept stands for a completely new approach. It offers a wide range of equipment options with which the appearance, the technical interior, the user experience and, last but not least, the variety of beverages can be designed individually and independently. Ina Vogelgesang, Director of Product Management, had this to say about it: "With the new Schaerer Coffee Soul, we are giving our customers an uncut diamond, which we can shape together according to their wishes and individual business cases”. Configuration of the two Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 models is quick and easy.

When it comes to technical features, the automatic discharge height adjustment of the “touchless outlet” for example offers more convenience, or the equipment with an additional boiler provides more power by dispensing coffee and hot water simultaneously. Those who wish to offer their guests a larger selection of beverages can also prepare cold coffee specialities fully automatically with the "Hot & Cold" technology or, thanks to the "Flavour Point" syrup station, delight coffee lovers with new aromas.

To ensure that the appearance also fits seamlessly into the personal design concept, it is possible to adapt the colours and other design elements to the respective interior. For example, you can choose between a stainless steel and plastic front and select high-gloss and silky-smooth colour accents in copper, red, green or brown. "In addition, the design of the new Schaerer Coffee Soul impresses with a high recognition value. The slightly asymmetrical design approach, the lighting elements, the adaptable materials and the striking user interface immediately catch the eye", adds Ina Vogelgesang.


Coffee Soul 10

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 with the 10.4-inch display scores points with its simple handling, particularly when operated by staff. The clear display with large beverage illustrations and intuitive user guidance makes it possible to serve coffee quickly, even in stressful situations.

Coffee Soul 12

When operated by guests — for example at buffets — the Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 shines with its video-compatible 12.1-inch display. In "guest mode", guests are guided intuitively through the options; they can simply "swipe" through the menu, just like on a smartphone. Promotions can also be played on the screen, thus increasing beverage sales or cross-selling potential.

Three different user interfaces

The three GUI modes of the Schaerer Coffee Soul with the "Select" concept are oriented on the three most frequent operating situations. "Guest mode" is particularly well-suited to self-service in hotels, petrol stations or convenience stores. Regularly returning office visitors can quickly create their favourite beverages thanks to the shortcuts in "favourite mode". And behind the counter, “staff mode" ensures that the right drink can be quickly selected and served.