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by Schaerer Marketing Team
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Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner

How an incredibly large coffee shop is being created on just one square metre

If you think I've seen this before, think again. Cleverly packed, only one square metre is enough for an incredibly large coffee shop. The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner for self-service shows how it works.

The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner offers what fewer and fewer people today want to do without - their favourite coffee just as they know it from home or from their regular café. Behind this is a sophisticated self-service concept that offers real coffee quality with the help of fresh ingredients.

On the outside

On the outside is the intuitive operation and advertising space: Via the 32" touch display, coffee lovers can choose from a wide range of different coffee drinks. The simple menu navigation also clearly displays other options. The large screen offers the possibility of creating your own coffee recipes and placing advertising offers such as advertisements or films prominently - especially helpful for brand presence and customer loyalty.

The cover can be designed according to customer specifications and adapts to any location and branding.

The extra-large 32" touch screen has a high resolution and allows a beautiful presentation of your specialities.

In the centre

In the centre are fresh ingredients. It is the use of pure fresh milk from the integrated milk system and freshly ground coffee beans that distinguish the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner. In contrast to other automatic self-service machines, the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner offers a variety of coffee specialities, which can otherwise only be found in this quality in top coffee shops.

The centrepiece

The heart of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is the same powerful technology that ensures the highest coffee quality in Schaerer table-top coffee machines. Delicious coffee creations are created from freshly ground beans and fresh milk because of the standard integrated Best Foam milk system, even with hot or cold milk foam at barista level.

The revolutionary Schaerer Best Foam™ technology plays a key role, ensuring an incredibly creamy and silky foam made from fresh milk, whether hot or cold, firm or soft! The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner contains a variety of technical equipment: an efficient grinder, the pure Uptime! Decalcification system, a large settling tank, a 10-litre milk container. There is also the option of connecting various payment systems.

Many advantages

  • 24-hour operation and business hours allow for more revenue without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction
  • Personalised solutions to make your Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner an efficient advertising instrument. Individually designed and printed outer cover as well as targeted marketing measures via the 32" touch display ensure an unbeatable brand presence.
  • Easy to maintain. All internal parts are easily accessible from the front of the machine.

Create your own Premium Coffee Corner and choose your features

Design your machine exactly the way you want it, with an extensive range of additional accessories and options.

  1. Offer variety: Offer the most enormous possible variety of beverages with our exclusive options.
  2. Up to three coffee blends and grinders: Offer a selection of up to three different coffee blends, each in a separate blender.
  3. Never let fresh milk run out: With double the capacity (2 x 10 litres), when the level is low, the machine automatically switches to the second milk container.
  4. Flavour Point: With a 4-syrup station next to the milk unit, you can offer a wide range of flavours.
  5. Hot & Cold: Serve cold drinks of the highest quality: the coffee is brewed hot, automatically cooled down and retains its full flavour intensity.
  6. Up to two powder containers: Almost twice the standard size, ideal for large drinks (470 ml and more).
  7. Brewing unit 30 grams: Even more variety and taste with up to two 800-gram powder systems for chocolate and other powder specialities.