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by Schaerer Marketing Team
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Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre

Four reasons why coffee competence from the Schaerer Coffee Competence Centre is more than a nice-to-have


And why John F. Kennedy's much-quoted statement: "There is only one thing more expensive in the long run than education, no education" is especially true for coffee.

High expectations

Everywhere there is talk of excellent, even exceptionally well-trained staff, especially café and restaurant owners, seem to have well-trained baristas. But is that really true? Is there enough time between hectic, staff shortages, and competitive pressure to turn part-time workers into baristas? And do the coffee specialities always meet the high expectations?

Reason 1: Make bad coffee a thing of the past!

One of our course participant, Mr Shigehiko Shiga from Japan, confirms: "Since experiencing coffee competence in the Coffee Competence Centre in Switzerland, I look at coffee in a more critical and informed way".

Reason 2: All-round perfect coffee comes from 360º coffee expertise

As a manufacturer of world-famous and leading coffee machines, we at Schaerer have a profound knowledge of all aspects of coffee. We share this knowledge with our customers and partners in our Coffee Competence Centre. The Coffee Competence Centre has been in existence since 1999 and offers professional seminars as well as individual advice - for the best quality in the cup.


Reason 3: Coffee competence learned from the specialist

Right coffee expertise is made up of sound knowledge and many years of experience. Add a good portion of passion, and the description fits perfectly with Monika Oeggerli, the trainer of the Coffee Competence Centre at Schaerer. Every coffee seminar with her is not only a valuable transfer of knowledge but also a pleasurable inspiration. With the result that you will see coffee with different eyes and perceive it with all your senses.

The expertise of Monika Oeggerli:

  • 17 years of marketing (Product and Brand Manager), thereof 4 years as Product Manager for Fair Trade coffee and cocoa
  • 2½ years of international development cooperation marketing and sales in a cocoa and coffee project in Bolivia
  • CAS degree "The Science and Art of Coffee" at the University of Applied Sciences Wädenswil/ZH
  • SCA Coffee Diploma with specialisation "Sensory Professional" (SCA: Speciality Coffee Association)
  • Since September 2017 Coffee Competence Trainer at Schaerer AG
  • Since May 2019 Board member of SCA Switzerland


Reason 4: A complete and appropriate course offering

The Coffee Competence Centre provides our customers and partners with the tools to become coffee experts. In various modules based on each other, they learn about the quality and taste factors in coffee production and preparation. They determine which parameters have an effect on coffee quality. Whether for beginners or advanced learners, our courses are as multifaceted as a good coffee. The CCC provides you with individual support in defining and selecting the right machine for your coffee business, in staff training (products, quality and machine) and in working with the coffee roaster. We would like to offer high-quality coffee drinks through qualified knowledge of all aspects of coffee. Highest coffee quality means satisfied guests.


The course offers "Basics."

- 360° coffee knowledge - one day course: Introduction to the multifaceted world of coffee: basic understanding of green and roasted coffee, coffee brewing and preparation as well as service recommendations This one-day course can also be attended in individual modules.

- Green coffee and preparation: Here we take you through the fascinating world of coffee in its country of origin. The module aims an initial overview of coffee in the coffee-growing countries. We show the coffee's path from the blossom to the green coffee. Information about coffee varieties, processing methods and current market data round off the module.

- The harmony of sensory technology: In this module, we dive into the exciting world of sensory coffee analysis. During two hours, the senses of "taste and smell" are awakened and sensitized. In addition to theoretical knowledge, many practical exercises are offered to experience the harmony between taste, aroma, mouthfeel and balance.

- Coffee refinement / practical roasting: This module deals with the basics of roasting. It explains how a roasting machine works and operates also what happens to the bean during roasting. Terms such as Maillard effect, burn-in, "first and second crack", quenching, roasting profiles etc. are explained in the theoretical part and then experienced during roasting.

- Introduction to coffee brewing: In this module, the participants are taught the basic knowledge of coffee preparation. They will also receive initial information about water and its influence on coffee quality. Some tips on how to optimise and maintain coffee quality will also be covered.


The course offers "Advanced."

- Machine understanding - one-day course: The optimum setting of a coffee machine offers both opportunities and challenges. The course explains the individual parameters of the coffee machine and explains how to set or correct them if the beverage does not taste or no longer tastes good. Machine care and service for optimum customer satisfaction are further topics in this course, also the basic knowledge of milk and milk foams.

- Sensor technology in theory and practice - one-day course: Sensor technology is a crucial aspect of the coffee business. Building on the course "360° coffee knowledge", the ability to recognise the positive characteristics of coffee/coffee taste and to distinguish, describe and evaluate the flavours and aromas of the espresso is trained.



Our most visited course: 360° coffee knowledge

A lot of knowledge compactly imparted - from coffee cultivation in distant countries to the hardness of the water used to make coffee. Plus practical exercises and useful tips. As a participant, you will gain insights into the world of coffee and the many factors that influence coffee quality. In theoretical and practical seminar blocks, you will acquire the basic knowledge of the quality factors of green and roasted coffee, brewing and people. Even if up to now you have understood "not the bean" about coffee: This course will help you take your first steps in this exciting subject.

Course content

Entry into the complex world of coffee. Basic knowledge of green coffee and the coffee's journey from the blossom to the green bean ready for shipment. Roasting demonstration: the process of aroma development and colour change from the green to the roasted bean. Brewing the coffee: how the bean is "brought to life". Introduction to sensory perception: the versatility of coffee, grinding and brewing parameters as further influencing factors. Attention and care as essential virtues in striving for high coffee quality.

Course objectives

  • Get to know coffee as a versatile natural product.
  • Knowledge of the various influences on the result of the drink in the cup.
  • Knowledge of how to maintain coffee quality at a high level.