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Schaerer Barista

5 unbelievable facts about the Schaerer Barista

A new dimension of traditional espresso culture.

There is surely nothing that says the Italian coffee experience and delicious espresso more than a portafilter machine. The Schaerer Barista lends this traditional espresso culture a new dimension: It combines the fundamental principles of a portafilter machine and the skills of a barista with the easy operation and process reliability of a fully automatic coffee machine: The result is perfect Italian espresso — consistent quality from cup to cup!

1 — consistent quality

In addition to the water quality and raw materials, the quality of a perfect cup of espresso is defined by three variables: The amount of coffee, the grinding level and the tamping. These three variables are united in the Schaerer Barista. The Schaerer Barista then stores the desired settings and therefore the exact recipe. The grinding level and brewing time are automatically adjusted if there are deviations from the settings. The result: Consistent taste and beverage quality.

The Schaerer Barista also offers previously unmatched flexibility for beverage sizes: The recipe for an espresso can be customised however you like (not just doubled or tripled) to allow for more freedom in drink composition. To ensure the coffee specialities taste the same at all branches, Schaerer-trained service technicians configure the perfect settings on the Schaerer Barista.

2 — the craftsmanship and technology of coffee culture in action

Let's be honest — the gleam of the polished materials and hissing and knocking sounds are undeniable elements of the perfect cup of espresso. The Schaerer Barista not only creates perfect espresso, but along with the accompanying visuals and acoustics, it reflects pure espresso culture with Italian flair.

The Schaerer Barista design is inspired by classic Italian portafilter machines. The soft form combined with stainless steel and white glossy elements as well as the lighting in the work area lend the espresso machine a unique elegance. It does not matter where you place the Schaerer Barista: The machine is a guaranteed eye-catcher and stands for top espresso quality. Knocking out the portafilter by hand or foaming milk produces authentic sound effects, almost like you were in Italy.

3 — countless individualisation options

But the Schaerer Barista is much more than just an espresso machine. When put in the right setting, it really grabs the customer’s attention in any café or restaurant. Schaerer offers the option of attaching foil to different parts of the machine to better utilise this potential for restaurant owners. The side parts, rear wall and trim can be designed with special foils in any imaginable colour — there are no limits on creativity. Each order is processed on an individual basis. The delivery times are short, meaning customers receive machines which completely fulfil their expectations in the shortest possible time.

Or maybe an extra portion of beans is what interests you. It’s not only milk foam which pushes coffee machines to their limits; bean hoppers must also be refilled often if output is high. That’s why the Schaerer Barista features the option of selecting bean hoppers which are attached to the machine. A capacity of up to 1,100 grams each guarantees that large amounts of espresso can be prepared without constantly having to refill the hoppers with beans. However, the movable cup storage area and the cup heater have to be removed in this version due to the large hoppers.

4 — minimal training needed

Portafilter machines create perfect moments of espresso enjoyment. Or should we say they can brew perfect moments of espresso enjoyment? Because portafilter machines require a lot of know-how, care, training and a certain touch. And many espresso specialities are nothing without milk foam. Making beverages with a consistently high level of quality with a traditional steam wand also takes a lot of knowledge and practice. There is often too time little time and patience for training, practice and care.

The Schaerer Barista is also a reliable solution in this case. It consistently prepares the highest level of espresso and milk foam quality with minimal need for training. Together with service technicians trained by Schaerer, you can define the perfect settings for the Schaerer Barista — and then you’re done! The Schaerer Barista controls and monitors the grinding level setting and brewing time. The grinding level and brewing time are automatically adjusted if there are deviations from the settings. The great taste remains the same, the result is always optimal.

5 — perfect milk foam

Milk foam with the skill of a barista: The bonnet of milk foam is the peak of coffee enjoyment for many coffee lovers. The Schaerer Milk Universe offers a large range of technologies for milk preparation that comply with HACCP principles. The Schaerer Barista's Supersteam steam wand automatically froths milk and prepares perfect milk foam in up to three different consistencies and temperatures. With the additional Powersteam, the operator can also manually foam milk like a barista. So you are free to create wonderful works of latte art.




The new Schaerer Barista is perfect for many areas of application

  • For the passionate barista, the Schaerer Barista is both a playground and an interesting alternative: The barista can set all of the relevant parameters individually for the desired taste profile in order to get the best out of a particular roast coffee blend. This profile can then be accessed by anyone to ensure that the coffee specialities are prepared to the same high quality standards by every employee. The two integrated grinders allow you to use different types of beans, with the option of adding extra recipes for beans in external grinders if desired. Thanks to the two steam wands, you can choose between manual milk frothing or automatic preparation via Supersteam 
  • Not only does a speciality coffee shop celebrate coffee culture with high-quality coffee specialities, it also demonstrates its quality standards with its coffee machine technology. Just like a portafilter machine, the Schaerer Barista represents espresso and barista expertise with its design and the traditional preparation sound effects, and helps the operators to portray themselves as coffee connoisseurs. At the same time, it ensures the highest level of process reliability when the machine is in use, so that even employees without barista training can brew beverages in a few simple steps that are identical in taste and appearance from cup to cup.
  • Bakeries who wish to stand out from their competitors through outstanding coffee quality require efficient coffee machines that help employees prepare delicious coffee specialities by providing process reliability and easy handling. The Schaerer Barista has all the advantages of a fully automatic coffee machine and the appearance of a classic portafilter machine. It manages all the quality-related preparation steps, such as dispensing, grinding and tamping, and therefore ensures consistent beverages — regardless of who is operating the machine or how frantic the workday is.
  • The Schaerer Barista is ideal for use in Italian restaurants: Its elegant design is inspired by the classic portafilter machines and the preparation process creates authentic sound effects that are familiar to customers from "bella Italia". At the same time, the automatic preparation process ensures that the taste remains the same and the high quality of the espresso specialities is maintained. Regardless of whether a professional barista is serving a cappuccino at the bar or a server is preparing an espresso at the end of a delicious dinner: The customers can look forward to a perfect Italian espresso speciality.

8 very successful solutions of the Schaerer Barista

  1. Integrated grinders: Two integrated grinders grind the coffee directly into the portafilter. This is followed by automatic tamping with optimum compression pressure and brewing-time monitoring with software-supported grind setting.
  2. Alternative: Two air-cooled bean hoppers: Storage for different types of beans such as espresso and café crème. The external ventilation ensures that the beans are kept perfectly cool, therefore maintaining their quality.
  3. Heated cup storage: With the soft closing function, it can be pushed back to provide safe and convenient access to the bean hopper underneath.
  4. Touch display for easy operation: Beverage configuration and parameter setting are a breeze thanks to the integrated touch display.
  5. SteamIT: A controlled burst of steam warms the cups and brings up to two mugs to the optimal temperature.
  6. Barista key: The Barista key can be used to adjust the espresso strength according to the customer's personal preference (+/- 15 percent).
  7. Grounds container: Italian flair and authentic sound effects when you knock the grounds out of the portafilter into the external grounds container. Space-saving design, as the grounds container is located under the machine.
  8. Steam systems for milk foam: Supersteam for the fully automatic preparation of hot milk and milk foam in up to three different consistencies. Frothing milk the traditional way using the manual Powersteam is also possible.