22 Bishopsgate

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22 Bishopsgate

Bringing Coffee Soul to London’s Newest Skyscraper

Only Schaerer could provide an office coffee machine fit for London’s latest and most innovative high-rise workplace.

We’ve all heard about the importance of workplace wellbeing, but very few workplaces are built from the ground up to improve collaboration, promote healthy living and create a culture of inclusivity. London’s latest high-rise, 22 Bishopsgate, is an exception and features architectural features, technology and facilities that bring the comforts of home to the workplace. Such an office space deserves an exceptional coffee machine, which is where Schaerer and UK partners Liquidline come in.

A workplace with the comforts of home

At the heart of the City of London, you’ll find 22 Bishopgate, the financial district’s newest and tallest skyscraper. A twenty-three-sided, faceted glass structure, with 63 floors, 22 Bishopsgate is certainly impressive and spent over 3 years in construction.


The building was designed with workplace wellbeing in mind and features high ceilings, excellent access to daylight and improved ventilation. Outside of the 120,000 square metres of office space, there are dedicated facilities that aim to improve everyday experiences for the building’s workers, including a bike park, a market with a range of eating outlets and an outdoor terrace. There is even a gym that features a double-height glass climbing wall and a wellness retreat offering pilates, yoga and other wellbeing services.


A high rise appetite for coffee

With discerning tenants filling the state-of-the-art office space at 22 Bishopgate, there has been a subsequent demand for quality coffee solutions that keep workers refreshed and refuelled throughout the day.

Working with our UK commercial coffee partner Liquidline, Schaerer coffee machines have been installed in several offices throughout the new building.

Located across floors 12 and 13, the Beazley Insurance Group commissioned Liquidline to come up with a self-service coffee solution that delivers consistently exceptional drinking experiences.

Working with the office fit-out company to ensure all services were in place ahead of installation, Liquidline has installed a total of nine Schaerer Coffee Soul machines throughout the new Beazley office, providing on-demand barista-quality coffee to Beazley’s team and visitors.


About Liquidline

One of the fastest-growing hydration specialists in the UK and Ireland, Liquidline provide exceptional refreshment solutions to businesses in the office, automotive, hospitality and leisure industries.

Defined by their core values of passion, responsiveness, thoughtfulness, innovation and smart working, Liquidline supply and install a range of Schaerer coffee machines, providing a complete package with your machine, consumables and all servicing included.

The team at Liquidline pride themselves on delivering a totally hands-off, seamless and stress-free experience for all their clients, whether replacing a machine in their existing premises or working with contractors to install a machine in a new build or refurb.

When purchasing a commercial coffee machine from Liquidline each client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will work closely with contractors and Liquidline’s own engineering team to ensure a smooth and efficient process throughout. Installation is also offered free-of-charge, as is on-site training for your new machine.

For the Beazley project at 22 Bishopsgate, the team facilitated the installation of all nine Schaerer Soul machines, alongside five top of the range hot and cold filtered drinking water taps. Working closely with the fit-out company to ensure a smooth “hands-off” installation experience for the customer, the work was completed in under 3 days.

One of the fastest-growing hydration specialists in the UK and Ireland, Liquidline provide exceptional refreshment solutions to businesses in the office, automotive, hospitality and leisure industries.

Why the Scharaer Coffee Soul?

The Schaerer Coffee Soul provides a coffee experience like no other and combines innovative technology, precision swiss engineering, a desire for convenience and an appetite for variety. Each machine element interacts perfectly to prepare beverages that are impossible to distinguish from the hand-made creations of a professional barista. When we say “barista-quality coffee", we really mean it, and this really struck a chord with the team at Beazley Insurance.


Self Service

A fully automated bean to cup coffee machine, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is easy to use and can be operated via the intuitive touchscreen, with no need for extensive training. It can also be operated touch-free by scanning a QR code from your smartphone, reducing a common touchpoint in the office environment, and helping to prevent the cross-contamination of viruses and bacteria in light of the coronavirus pandemic. This provides added peace of mind to team members and visitors alike as we begin to return to the workplace after 12-months of working from home.

Optimal Freshness

The Schaerer Coffee Soul prepares barista-style drinks from scratch, measuring the correct amount of fresh coffee beans and grinding them on demand to ensure the most delicious cup. Once ground, coffee beans lose most of their natural flavour as oxygen soaks into the grounds, causing them to decay and turning the natural sugars, aromas and light acids into harsh bitterness. By grinding beans on demand for each individual cup, the Schaerer Coffee Soul preserves the delicious oils and aromas within the coffee, producing a first-class coffee experience every time.

A smooth creamy finish

Thanks to the Schaerer Coffee Soul’s Best Foam milk system, which produces creamy milk foam with a smooth, silky white finish, you can create premium quality milk-based speciality coffees such as latte and cappuccino without the need for a professionally trained barista.

An extra hit of flavour

The Schaerer Coffee Soul offers coffee drinkers an almost unlimited selection of drinks. With 12 quick selection drinks programmes, plus an additional 20 drinks options, the Schaerer Coffee Soul already offers much more choice than any other commercial bean to cup machine. However, with the addition of the Flavour Point Syrup Station, users can further personalise their drinks with up to four different types of coffee syrup.

Ultimate flexibility

What really set the Schaerer Coffee Soul apart for this particular project though was its flexible configuration. For Beazley’s Brokers Lounge, where employees are able to meet with clients or work in a more relaxed space than their desk, the architects had specified a machine that took up 600mm on top of the integrated unit, with everything else under the counter. The Schaerer Coffee Soul has an extremely flexible configuration which meant Liquidline’s specialist engineers were able to supply and install two Schaerer Coffee Soul machines side-by-side, with everything else, including two milk fridges and a flavour station, hidden away under the counter.