Delicious chocolate, cake and coffee

by Schaerer Marketing Team
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Delicious chocolate, cake and coffee

Confiserie Hofer in Solothurn relies on the Schaerer Coffee Soul with Hot & Cold technology

A cappuccino with creamy milk foam alongside a piece of traditional Solothurn cake or an invigorating espresso with local truffles — at Confiserie Hofer in Solothurn, sweet treats and aromatic coffee creations melt into a mouthwatering experience for the senses. Just in time for the rising temperatures, the confectionery is now serving cold coffee specialities at its three locations. Two new Schaerer Coffee Soul machines with Hot & Cold technology were installed in February, and in addition to the classics, refreshing coffee delicacies such as Espresso Tonics, Cool Passions or Affogatos are now also on the menu.

Since 1919, for over 100 years, Confiserie Hofer has been one of the top spots for home-made chocolate, pralines and desserts in Solothurn and the surroundings. The traditional company is still family-run and now employs around 60 employees at three branches. The range of specialities includes countless delicacies, for example fine grand cru chocolate and regionally-inspired creations such as Stedtli truffles, Göiferlätschli pralines and the famous Solothurn cake. It of course also serves up the classics, such as Black Forest cake, Sacher Torte and raspberry cake. Hofer also prepares “business” lunches, snacks and salads which companies in the area can order and even have delivered on request.

Quality and innovation

The sweet and savoury dishes are rounded out with tasty coffee specialities prepared with and without milk. Since the very beginning, owner Philipp Hofer has held these to the same standards as the chocolates, pralines and cakes produced in his kitchens with the greatest care and attention to detail. That’s why coffee and milk foam quality as well as handling were the key elements for Hofer when choosing new fully-automated machines for one of his three locations. “Schaerer is our neighbour, which is why it was natural to consider Schaerer machines. After visiting the showroom of Christian Ledermann and his colleagues in Zuchwil and enjoying a coffee tasting, the decision was quickly made. “It was really the interplay between the taste of the coffee, the excellent milk foam and the Hot & Cold technology for cold coffee specialities which won us over,” explains Hofer.

Cold specialities

The Best Foam and Hot & Cold technology makes it possible for Confiserie Hofer to prepare all kinds of coffee specialities with a consistently high level of quality by simply tapping the touch display. This results in completely new opportunities for the summer months. Since guests typically consume less chocolate during warmer months, Hofer can now sweeten their summer days with cold coffee creations. The confectionery created its own menu which, in addition to cooled versions of common beverages such as cold lattes, also includes more exotic recipes. The refreshing bitterness of an Espresso Tonic, a creamy and fruity Cool Passion or the simple elegance of an Affogato — they have something for everyone. Another technical highlight employed in the confectionery is the so-called “ripple maker”. Creamy milk foam can be decorated with individualised motifs made of fine coffee extract, for example for Carnival or other occasions.

Installation and sampling

Due to the location of the confectionery in the Solothurn old town and the tight space in the shop, delivery and installation were challenging, but ultimately went off without a hitch. To ensure a consistent flavour profile and reliable preparation, both machines were installed and set for optimal operation by Schaerer service technicians Michael Glauser and Christian Steiner. The Hofer staff was then given detailed training on everything having to do with beverage preparation and machine maintenance. To make sure sales could start on the morning of the very next day, the different coffee recipes were configured that evening in an extensive tasting with Philipp Hofer and Bernhard Mollet, shop owner of Oetterli & Co. AG.

High demand for take-out

Despite the coronavirus lockdown which spanned several weeks and made it necessary to close all the locations, the first feedback is here, and it is entirely positive. Due in particular to the growing demand for take-out options in the last few weeks, the excellent milk system and the quick, easy operation of the Schaerer Coffee Soul are really paying off. At peak times, up to 500 mugs and to-go cups are sold a day. In a few weeks, cold specialities will also join the product range, increasing machine output. Guests who order a refreshing coffee beverage in the outdoor seating area of the confectionery can enjoy the same high quality as with all other Hofer products.