by Schaerer Marketing Team
coffee world report

Swedish convenience store chain Pressbyrån uses the Schaerer Coffee Soul

Innovative coffee machines for modern shop concepts

Whether at train stations, airports or shopping malls — you can get coffee to go from any kiosk. Of course, this is also the case in Sweden. Here, the small shops of the Pressbyrån chain serve coffee specialities to countless people every day.

Since the end of 2020, the company has been using the Schaerer Coffee Soul with the “Select” concept to do so. The high-performance fully automatic coffee machines are now in use at over 100 of the more than 300 locations, and this number is set to double in the coming year alone. But Pressbyrån does not rely on the machine technology and coffee expertise from Schaerer only in its classic convenience stores: Customers can also get their favourite coffee from a Schaerer Coffee Soul thanks to the innovative Pressbyrån Go “unmanned store” concept as well as the sustainable PBX “kiosk of the future”.

The first contact between Schaerer and Pressbyrån came about at the “HOST” restaurant industry trade fair in Milan in 2019. The new Schaerer Coffee Soul with its innovative “Select” concept, which was presented for the first time at that fair, immediately piqued the interest of the responsible parties from the Swedish company. Alexander Prel, responsible Area Sales Manager at Schaerer, explains: “The option of assembling the technical components of the machine to fit the customer’s individual requirements was decisive. Pressbyrån stores have different needs depending on their location, for example when it comes to syrup or milk alternatives. Of course, it is a decisive advantage if the machines can be adapted to meet these needs. The elegant design with copper touches also impressed them”. The version of the Schaerer Coffee Soul with a 12-inch touch display was perfect for self-service operation in the more than 300 branches throughout Sweden.

Customised perfectly to local needs

In autumn of 2020, the collaboration was already in full swing, and by the end of 2021, around 100 of the new Schaerer machines had already been installed in the shops. Long-standing Schaerer sales and service partner Café Bar played a decisive role in this fast and successful roll-out. From acquisition to installation, the company shared responsibility for the project on site, and will also be in charge of technical service in the future. A good 100 more of the existing fully automatic coffee machines will be replaced by the new Schaerer Coffee Soul by the end of 2022, and full coverage is planned at all locations by 2024. Thanks to the “Select” concept, the machines used in each branch perfectly meet the local needs. For example, the "Flavour Point" syrup station is only integrated where there is actual demand for flavour additives. In contrast, due to the increasing popularity of coffee specialities with vegan milk alternatives, all machines have been equipped with the "Twin Milk" system. In order to better understand the needs and wishes of its customers, Pressbyrån also uses the Schaerer Coffee Link telemetry platform. Individualised reports can be used to analyse which recipes and ingredients are the most popular.


Sustainability and automation for the future

In addition to the normal convenience stores, Pressbyrån is also operating two new shop concepts that offer a glimpse into the future of the company. In the PBX in Stockholm, for example, the increasingly relevant topic of sustainability has been the focus since the summer of 2021. The goals is to make sure the products sold in the shop, which is called the “kiosk of the future”, as well as their packaging and the equipment used, are as environmentally friendly as possible. The Schaerer Coffee Soul with its “Select” concept is also used for the coffee. However, this is not a matter of course, as Alexander Prel reports: “Pressbyrån had an open mind when it was looking for the most sustainably produced coffee machine for the PBX store. That’s why we compiled an overview that clearly shows which materials are used in production and what percentage of these are recycled. This transparency won them over”. More PBX branches are to follow by the end of 2022.


Also in Stockholm, in the Mall of Scandinavia, the first Pressbyrån Go location opened its doors in the spring of 2021. It is an “unmanned store” that does not need any staff at all. Beverages, snacks and the like can simply be taken from the shelves and refrigerators — the fully automated store recognises that something has been taken by the weight and then stores the products in the digital shopping cart of the Pressbyrån app on the customer’s smartphone. Fresh coffee specialities are also available at Pressbyrån Go. They are served by a classic Schaerer Coffee Soul. “With the first unmanned store, we are still in a basic testing phase to see how customers like the concept. That’s why we’re working with the somewhat simpler version of the machine, which is less of an investment”, Prel explains. For future Pressbyrån Go branches, linking the machine directly to the store’s IT system is planned. Whereas customers used to have to specify which coffee beverage was selected before paying, a software interface will also automate this process. The only processes that will still require human intervention will be the occasional refilling of the beans and milk as well as the products on offer.