There will always be a right Schaerer for you.

by Schaerer Marketing Team
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Schaerer coffee machine concepts

As unique as you and your business model!

We firmly believe: For your coffee operations to be successful and your investment in a coffee machine concept to be enjoyable in the long term, it has to fit you and your business model like a glove!

That is why you should discuss the following questions, among others, with your customer advisor before making a purchase:

  • For what purpose/business model are the coffee machine(s) being purchased?
  • Where will the coffee machine(s) be located and how will it(they) be used?
  • What amount of coffee will the machine(s) have to prepare?
  • Which coffee specialities do I want to offer?
  • How high are my demands on beverage quality?
  • How well is my staff trained in handling coffee?
  • How important is the networking of the machine(s) with a telemetry solution?
  • What does the maintenance and service concept look like?
  • Do I want to buy, lease or rent?

Five models and plenty of possibilities.

Whatever your business model – large or small, colourful or plain, classic or modern, regional or international, self-service or serviced by staff: After this needs analysis, we will know what we need to do and can develop the optimal coffee machine concept for you – from the right model to maintenance and services to the appropriate financing model.


Our promise to you: There’s always the right Schaerer solution for you!

Every Schaerer coffee machine in our flexible range of products, as well as our Schaerer Coffee Link digital solution and our service packages, offers you a wealth of options for your individualised requirements. We have created an overview of our models for you here, and you can find additional information in our compact brochure.


Schaerer Coffee Club: The model to get you started in the world of coffee preparation

Recommended for an output of up to 80 cups, the Schaerer Coffee Club is our entry-level model for professional coffee preparation. The stylish, compact fully automatic coffee machine impresses with its striking design and the innovative operating concept of the 7” touch screen with vertical swipe function. The highlight: All stored options are available on one level and can be accessed by swiping vertically across the screen. For a highly customised beverage for discerning coffee drinkers, it is also possible to change the beverage size, taste intensity and the amount of milk and milk foam. The fresh milk system also scores points with the innovative CleanIT cleaning concept. All you need to do here is connect the milk system to the steam connection using a hose, and the cleaning programme takes care of the rest. An additional benefit: Thanks to its compact size, the Schaerer Coffee Club can fit anywhere – even on a kitchen counter.

Schaerer Coffee Skye: Multi-talent for flexible use

The Schaerer Coffee Skye is a real multi-talent and has exactly what you need to serve first-class coffee: Thanks to its compact dimensions and the integrated 4.9-litre water tank, the machine, which is designed for medium to high demand, can be used anywhere there is a power connection – from restaurant terraces to event catering at extraordinary locations. The Schaerer Coffee Skye impresses with the aesthetic design typical for Schaerer: The display, which is deliberately set off from the housing, the coloured design elements and the accentuated lighting give the machine an elegant yet light feel. When designing the machine, we kept not only the appearance but also the functionality in mind. The option of placing a milk cooling unit on the right, left or under the counter makes its configuration even more flexible. Another advantage of the sophisticated design: All connections required for installation are directly accessible through the front panel, which makes machine handling much easier. The Schaerer Coffee Skye offers countless equipment options – including a mains water supply, an additional bean and topping hopper or the new Pure Foam milk system – as well as three different operating modes (like the Coffee Soul 10 and 12) which make it perfect for configuring to individualised customer requirements.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12: Mix & match to fit any individual needs

The machine concept of the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 and 12 with the “Select” concept is based on the underlying concept of combining technical performance and visual options independently of each other, giving customers the highest level of flexibility for exact adaptation to their business model. That is why the machine features a sophisticated “Mix & Match” principle that allows you to select the equipment you actually need, including the number of grinders, the Hot & Cold technology, a syrup station, or the connection of online payment systems, to name a few examples. When it comes to configuration, two models offer a quick start: While the Schaerer Coffee Soul 10, with its 10.4 inch display, scores points with staff operation, the Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 with the 12.1 inch display, which can play videos, shines when it comes to self-service operation by employees or guests. The brilliant user interface of the two models is also a real eye-catcher. The GUI (Guided User Interface) not only features large beverage icons, but the processes and display can also be adapted for the three most common operating situations — self-service, preparation by staff and office use. Another special feature: Predefined beverage recipes can be programmed by the guests themselves on the touch display to match their individual preferences. Visualization of the individual steps ensures process reliability and a high degree of user-friendliness.

Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner: The “café to-go” for the highest level of coffee quality

The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner is our special machine concept for self-service applications. Operators of cafés, convenience stores, petrol stations as well as bakery and hotel chains will therefore have the unique chance to improve their to-go coffee operations with a stand-alone solution for the highest level of coffee quality using freshly-ground beans and fresh milk. The Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner only needs one square meter of space and can be set up either in the shop itself or in a weatherproof location for 24/7 coffee enjoyment without additional staff requirements. In terms of technical equipment and appearance, the Premium Coffee Corner harmonises perfectly with any usage scenario, and therefore also with your individual requirements. In line with our “Anything is possible” motto, the modular design knows virtually no limits – from connection to a syrup station through to a customised housing design in line with customer preferences.

Schaerer Barista: Traditional espresso culture in a new dimension

The Schaerer Barista combines the fundamental principles of a portafilter machine and the skills of a barista with the easy operation and process reliability of a fully automatic coffee machine. All the operator has to do is insert the portafilter and touch a beverage to select it. At the same time, the typical sounds that accompany traditional brewing, such as knocking out the portafilter or frothing the milk, create a sense of Italian flair. The simplified handling, high espresso quality and elegant design – inspired by the classic portafilter – make the Schaerer Barista ideal for a wide range of applications, from employee cafés to customer lounges. If guests want milk-based coffee specialities, perfect milk foam is available at the touch of a button on the Schaerer Barista display: The Supersteam steam wand will conjure up milk foam automatically in up to three programmed consistencies and temperatures. The manual Powersteam steam wand can also be used for classical frothing.

Our business is to support your right uniqueness.

No matter which type or size of business and regardless of how much coffee is served every day, Schaerer has the right coffee machine to satisfy nearly all of your needs and with a consistent level of coffee quality. Schaerer has a small but very flexible range of products. With countless accessories and equipment versions, you can configure the individual models in line with your requirements. The countless combinations result in a wealth of possibilities.

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